WiseMen fungeert als Virtuele Juridische Afdeling voor ruim 250 ICT-bedrijven en marketing & communicatieadviesbureaus.

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Virtual Legal Department

An outsourced legal department specifically for the IT and marketing & communications industry.

Since specific legal knowledge is required for each of the abovementioned sectors, it is important that your legal advisor knows your business and understands exactly what you're talking about! / As a customer of the Virtual Legal Department, you can always ask us questions about various legal matters. It always allows you to buy prepaid hours at a reduced hourly rate for our other legal services.

You will also be informed proactively about important matters through our newsletter.

WiseMen works on the basis of a team system; you will be helped by the lawyer who is most qualified at the subject matter at hand, but always in consultation with the other lawyers. In this way, you get high quality advice and the benefit of access to all our lawyers. / Advantages Virtual Legal Department:

Advantages Virtual Legal Department:

  • An annual 2-hour meeting at WiseMen's location (also possible in another location, travel time fee apply): During this meeting you can discuss with us, free of charge, your business plans for the current year. Hereby, we want to provide a moment of sparring like partners and an opportunity for you to ask questions that can be answered directly from our knowledge at hand;
  • free registration of new assignments, to discuss new services and the direct use of our lawyers' knowledge at hand of newly defined questions, during business days. The way to get in contact with us in these cases will be by telephone via WiseMen's number +31 (0) 70 381 92 81;
  • The right to buy prepaid hours at highly reduced rate (pre-paid hours);
  • 50% discount on our courses (course price € 350, -)



Olaf Schauten

IT-contracts and company law.


Emilie van Kempen

Litigation and IT- and privacy law


Morgane Veenhuijzen

Employment law and HRM


Henk Dekker

Intellectual property and disputes.


Armin Karimi

IT and Privacy


Jeroen Hörters

Office Manager

Wisemen team


070 381 92 81